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Estate Planning

   Estate planning typically refers to making arrangements to control how a person's property is to be handled, either during that person's lifetime, and/or after death. The term is also often used regarding making arrangements to deal with financial matters or personal matters (such as health care).


We prepare legal documents and provide representation in legal proceedings relating to: 


  •  DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY - for Health Care and Financial Matters




   We handle all aspects relating to the administration of estates of persons who are deceased.  Many estates are handled in court, in probate proceedings.  Many other estates can be administered outside of court, based on the existence of certain documents, such as a community property agreement or a living trust, or the size or types of assets in the estate.


   We represent clients who are the Executors named in a will, persons who want to be appointed Administrators where Decedents did not have Last Wills and Testaments), beneficiaries named in a Last Will and Testament to inherit property, and legal heirs of the Decedent (persons who by statute are entitled to inherit the estates of persons who did not have Last Wills and Testaments).


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Dispute Resolution

   We have thirty-five years of experience handling the resolution of disputes through:

  •  Litigation  (pre-trial)

  •  Mediation

  •  Arbitration

  •  Trial


   We handle claims in both state and federal courts in Washington State, as well as administrative matters before governmental agencies.


Residential Real Estate

   We handle matters regarding the purchase, ownership, sale and/or leasing of Residential real estate, including the following practice areas:

  •  PURCHASE and SALE AGREEEMENTS - Residential & Commercial

  •  DEEDS


  •  DISPUTES relating to Property Damage, Trespass & Nuisance


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